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Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball Programs

KW/FC provides baseball for players for ages 4 - 19 from the player just starting out to the accomplished player looking for high level play on a Select team. KW/FC's goal is to provide youth baseball programs designed as a method of community action to help young people develop into better adults through participation in organized, supervised recreation. Sportsmanship, teamwork, self-reliance and self-discipline are among the attributes needed by citizens of the future. These positive characteristics can be learned through participation in organized league play. In essence, KW/FC believes that if you teach young people to play by the rules, they will learn to live by the rules.


KW/FC is an all volunteer organization relying on parents and others to step forward to serve on the Board of Directors, coach, manager, team parent, etc. The programs offered to the community are staffed by those individuals with the desire to provide not only their own child but the children of the Kingwood community an opportunity to play baseball. Without these volunteers it would not be possible to provide the wide range of programs of KW/FC.  All coaches & managers (including Select Teams) are required to complete and pass a background check annually.


KW/FC's General League play is through our PONY Baseball affiliation (over 35 years), a provider of baseball and softball for youth around  the world. PONY is taken from the first letters of each word in their slogan, "Protect Our Nation's Youth."


KW/FC's Select program allows teams to pick which baseball tournament organization(s) affiliation they wish to participate. (USSSA, Nation's, PONY, Super Series, etc)


General League Program:


The general league is formed based upon PONY Baseball structure using age of the player as of August 31st of each season. Players are grouped by two year age span except at age 6. These are Tball, ages4/5, Shetland 6, Pinto 7/8, Mustang 9/10, Bronco 11/12, Pony13/14, Colt 15/16, and Palomino 17-19.


One important feature of PONY Baseball is the graduated size of the playing fields matching the size to the age and size of the players.


Diamonds to Fit Players


PONY Baseball believes that rather than change the rules of baseball or softball to make it possible for young people to play the game, it is more logical to change the size of the diamonds, to adjust them to the physical potential of the players. Use of diamonds matched to their capabilities permits younger players to play in the same proportionate position as the Major Leaguers and to make the same plays as a Major Leaguer. The double play, the squeeze play, the force play, all becomes probabilities instead of remote possibilities.


If it were not for the transition diamond used in Pony League, the 13-year-old would be asked to move from a 60 foot diamond to a 90 foot diamond and cover more than twice the number of square feet of playing area than in the previous year.   Infielders and outfielders will select their defensive positions in relationship to the anticipated speed of the ball when they field it. On a diamond that is too large for their peers, they will move in. The first and third base players move in front of their bases, the outfielders play disproportionately closer to the infield than a Major Leaguer. In one sense, all that a transition diamond involves is to move the bases in closer to home plate to match the defensive positions taken by the fielders. In doing so, the distance between the outfielder and the baselines, and the position of the infielders relative to the bases, is in direct proportion to that assumed by Major League players and permits younger players to play the game as it was designed to be played.


KWFC General League - Playing Divisions ( Fall program defers, see Fall Season)

  • TBall/Shetland, Ages 4/5/6, Focuses totally on instruction of beginning players. TBall is for 4 &5 year old while 6 year old play Shetland. Batting tee is used in Tball and coach toss in Shetland.
  • Pinto, Ages 7/8 Teaches the basic fundamentals of baseball.  Coach pitch is used for DI & DII.  Division I & II levels are played if numbers and interest warrant.
  • Mustang, Ages 9/10 Begins the players’ training in the complete game of baseball.  All boys pitch and full baseball rules apply with base stealing, pick offs, etc. Tournament team play is completed through World Series level. Division I & II levels are played if numbers and interest warrant.
  • Bronco, Ages 11/12 Takes the developing young players into the full game of baseball, with no restrictions on base stealing or runs allowed.  Tournament team complete through World Series level. Division I & II levels are played if numbers and interest warrant.
  • Pony, Ages 13/14 No restrictions on base stealing or runs allowed.  Tournament team complete through World Series level. Division I & II levels are played if numbers and interest warrant.
  • Colt/Palomino, Ages 15/19 No restrictions on base stealing or runs allowed. Tournament team complete through World Series level.

Players for the general league register, tryout (except ages 4-6 placed on teams by neighborhood), drafted onto teams, practice Feb – March with games played end of March through May. Summer tournament teams are selected at ages 8 through 19 from the general league teams for PONY, Nations, & USSSA summer tournament play.

Within the General League structure KW/FC provides two playing divisions in some age groups based upon the number of participants registered and if interest warrants. These divisions are typically available in the Pinto and Mustang ages, again based upon the number of participants and if interest warrants.


  • League Division I (Competitive-Advanced Recreational): Comprising approximately 35% of an age group DI offers more competitive play for the more advanced player. Typically, in an age that has enough participants there are 4-5 teams formed. Teams are selected by a tryout (note: not everyone is selected who attends the tryout). All players not making a DI team will be placed in the DII player pool. DI League typically selects end-of-season team(s) to participate in the PONY National Tournament series. DI is more competitive play level. Players are expected to have above average skills.
  • League Division II (Recreational): Comprising approximately 55% of an age group DII with teams drafted after a tryout (note: all players who register are drafted). DII League typically selects end-of-season team(s) to participate in the PONY National Tournament series.  In DII there is more emphasis on fundamental instruction, everyone makes a team.

KW/FC provides lighted field use for practice and games, umpires at ages 7 -19, uniforms (consisting of hat, shirt, socks and cap), equipment (batting helmets, catchers gear, baseballs), insurance, 12 game schedule, end of season tournament ages 7-19, trophies (1st & 2nd place season and tournament for ages 7-19 & participation trophies for all players in ages 4-6 with Shetland 6yr olds receiving end of season tournament).   

General League players are not allowed to play up except five year old that has played full year (Spring & Fall season) in TBall. Playing up to Shetland is ONLY allowed after confirmation of play by league coordinator in conjunction with Player Agent or VP.     

KWFC Select Program:

KWFC Select Program consists of two options providing Kingwood Area youth fields and facilities.

Option#1: KW/FC Select Teams with the Goal of play at a USSSA AA - AAA level or equivalent. ALL players are required to tryout and be selected for the team by independent evaluators. Managers must submit an application and background check form to be considered for manager position. These teams will represent KW/FC in tournament play and as a league member/representative will be registered at a lesser fee than independent teams registering under option #2 . 

Option #2: Independent (Neighborhood) Kingwood Select Teams may register to participate in the KW/FC Select program as a full team.


KW/FC Select teams will receive facility time scheduled beginning in December on weekends (no lights) and then lighted field time scheduled beginning in January through July 30th. Teams may use their field time for practice, games and scrimmages. These teams will participate in KW/FC sanctioned/hosted select leagues and tournaments as defined in team contract. These teams may receive tournament free play for assisting with KW/FC tournaments. Teams will be covered under KW/FC insurance as accepted by other organizations (USSSA, Super Series, etc). Any organizations requiring purchase of their own insurance is the Select team’s responsibility.